Friday, December 20, 2013

Mixed media

1. How did you show amusement and variety in your piece? Explain your choice of subject matter and how you created a unified piece of art. I showed amusement in my piece by combining many pictures to create one college. I choose to do underwater because I thought it would be fun. 

2. Describe your experience with using mixed media. What mixed media did you use for your piece? I had no experience with mixed media. I used tissue paper and magazine clippings. 

3. What role did our lessons on visual journaling play in the success of your piece? Explain. I learned how to combine and layer tissue paper from these lessons and also how to attach pictures. 

4. Discuss any challenges you experienced and how you overcame obstacles. The only challenge I faced was finding pictures that could go along with each other. But i figured it out by searching through several magazines.