Friday, January 10, 2014

Book Carving

I developed my design for my book carving by applying it to the theme which was scientific. I decided to do my book based on a man landing on the moon. I knew it had to be five layers, so I did one layer as the border, one as the moon, one as the astronaut, one as a flag, and one as a spaceship. It was important to have a clear plan before starting because once you start cutting, you can't take it back. So having a plan helps you know what you are doing and how to cut every single layer and part. One challenge that I faced was cutting the border of my book so many times for so many layers because I had a hard time keeping all the lines straight. I overcame that challenge by using a ruler to cut my lines straighter. I chose that book because the pages were full of interesting patterns and pictures that I knew would make my design more interesting. I took a risk in my book by choosing to do such a thin cut with the flagpole, which could have resulted in cutting the whole thing straight off. At first, I didn't like this project because I thought it would be really difficult and I didn't have any ideas to do for my book. But once I started cutting, the project overall wasn't too bad and I felt pretty successful.