Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Acrylic Landscape Painting

The composition of my painting had three portions; a background, foreground, and middle ground. I had a sky, the ocean, and ground/sand. I organized my painting by creating a scene and following my example picture. Atmospheric perspective is the effect the atmosphere has on how a object will look from a distance. I created atmospheric perspective in my painting by adding mountains and clouds in the background. I also made parts of the ocean darker to add a more gloomy effect. I created a light source by choosing where I think the light would come from, and then adding shadows to my objects. I than added value to the shadows of the objects according to the light source. My color scheme was monochromatic. I choose blue to use in my monochromatic color scheme. I mainly used straight lined brush strokes in my painting, but I also used wavy lines in parts of the ocean and also jagged lines in the mountains. I used value in my painting by making parts of my painting darker in some spots and lighter in others. I also added value to my shadows in order to create the desired effect. 

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