Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Bird Stamp

The first thing I did when creating my bird stamp was pick a picture from offline that I liked and printing it off in color. Then I used that picture to draw a sketch of the bird. I then did a final drawing on a small piece of paper and transferred it to the stamp material by shading the back of my drawing and taping it to the material. I then traced over my design with a pen and removed the paper. Then I used a cutting tool to retrace over my design and carve it out. I then rolled paint over my design and placed it face down on a piece of white paper. I then pressed down on my print and slowly peeled it back. After letting it dry, I used markers, water, and a paint brush to add colors and pull out the paint to the edges of the paper. This created a more interesting, water color look to the print. I learned from this project all the steps that go into print making, and how difficult it can be. 

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