Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Shoe Drawing

The shoe drawing project was one of my favorite projects I did in art this year. The first step I had to do was take my shoes off my feet and arrange them on the table in an interesting way. Maybe turn one to the side, or put one in front of the other. After creating an original and interesting display, I began to draw my shoes. I started with one shoe and sketched the outline. I looked at the sole of my shoe and followed the line to begin drawing it on my paper. This helped me to learn about and understand contour lines. After drawing the entire outline, I begin to add the small details to the boot, such as seams and the tag. I then repeated this process with the second shoe, except I drew it further back in the background in order to create depth. After I finished drawing both my boots, I outlined them darker so that they would stand out. I think I did pretty good on this project. This project taught me all about contour lines and depth, and helped me understand those two things as well.

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