Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Pastel Still Life

I planned my composition in a way that would make it unique. I put some objects closer to the front, and other objects in the back in order to create depth. I also placed one of my objects to the side to create dimension. A thumbnail sketch is a small sketch of what you are creating that can help you out. My thumbnail sketch helped me plan my composition, and how I wanted to organize my project. The viewfinder helped me decide on my composition by showing me the different options I had to choose from, and helping me pick the one that looked the best. I made items look three dimensional by turning them to the side to create dimension. I also put some objects behind each other. I created a light source by picking the lights location and creating cast shadows on the objects going the opposite direction. I also added value to the objects by shading them darker the farther away from the light source they were.

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